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VIDEO: BOOZE N BOOKS - September Review

The first ever BOOZE N BOOKS month has just wrapped up.

I created this club for the self-serving goal of watching less TV by forcing myself to read more instead.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting so sick of staring at my phone aimlessly and/or watching endless hours of Netflix per week, investing in shows I don't even necessarily enjoy.

I figured there has to be more people like me struggling with this issue as well. So, I wanted to have this book club as a connector of like-minded human beings.

In our first edition, it was a little quiet on the live blog message board for our September read of Dead Poets Society. Even the McClelland's Speyside scotch wasn't enough to get a few of you talking.

Sooooo, let's try this again. To recap, a book club is where you go buy the book of the month and follow along with said club adding in your own comments, feedback and potentially even jokes.

Most are held in person, but it's 2018 so we're going to do this club on the interwebs.

I've made the average book club less boring by incorporating alcohol into it. Fun, right?

At the end of every month I will do a vodcast, which includes a quick synopsis of the book, my thoughts on the read (and booze), as well as announce next month's book/booze combo.

Below, you will find the first vodcast. It's in two parts as my camera-lady's (that's my wife) camera has a 5 minute restriction on it. I'll get the next one down to under 5 minutes.

Watch both videos for the review and announcement for October:



As per the video announcement October is going to be a good one! It's already October 1st, so get reading! OCTOBER - BOOZE N BOOKS

What you need to know/do?

BUY THIS BOOK NOW!: Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

BUY THIS BOOZE NOW!: Jack Daniel's

GET INVOLVED: comment with your progress/observations/random thoughts in the LIVE: October BOOZE N BOOKS thread - HERE.

TIMELINE: October 1st - 31st (<- ooooo spooky)

I want to see as many people as possible interacting. Hell, even tell a friend. Share this blog and spread the word.

Also, join my newsletter for advice, secrets and free things.

Ty "Book Club Dude" Cameron

YouTube: Tyler Cameron

Twitter: @tylertyping

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