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BOOZE N BOOKS - December Recap

Yes, I know I'm very late with this recap, but the holidays are a busy time... so LAY OFF ME.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

December's read was Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Ol' Phil was the one responsible for creating the retail behemoth, Nike.

This was a fantastic read focused on one of my favourite themes, entrepreneurship.

Knight persevered and essentially fumbled his way out of going broke and to grow Nike to what is today. Not only is the story a great read, but Phil, himself is an entertaining writer. He is eccentric and stubborn at times, but at the end of the day you route for the "little guys" who started as a made up company called Blue Ribbon. I am giving this read a 3.8/5 (I was getting boring of the rounded numbers) and consider it a must read for anyone launching a business as it will be pure inspiration for you and your mission.

Speaking of launching a business and entrepreneurship, my good friend Christopher Peebles provided us with the alcoholic liquid for the month - Locker Room Lager.

Chris upped and quit his job a couple years ago to launch Post Game Brewing Co. and it's flagship beer, Locker Room Lager.

Since then, Chris has expanded operations from Ontario, to Western Canada and even in the USA.

He's proof that with the right vision, dedication and a little luck, you can follow your dreams and launch something to call your own like Locker Room Lager... or Nike. Proud of ya, fella!

Locker Room Lager also supplied the prize pack to December's read. Below is a little "something, something" that Mr. Kiel Edge won last month.

Locker Room Lager presents Booze N Books prize for December

January has just wrapped up and I will be pumping out another blog after this one. Our Booze N Books read was 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss and the drank was a homemade Mojito.

If you want to join for February, you're looking at The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. The drink of choice is whatever the F you want to drink while you're reading this book.

K, Go Books!

Ty "Book Club Dude" Cameron

YouTube: Tyler Cameron

Twitter: @tylertyping

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