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The Official Book Launch Week is Here!

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Hey everyone,

Even though my book has been out for almost two months now, this week has been deemed (by me) my "Official Book Launch Week".

This week includes all the fun stuff:

* Podcast

* Blogs

* Prizes

* Book Launch Party (June 20th)

If you would like to know more, sign up to my mailing list on It's worth it... I swear.

Speaking of blogs, I will be teasing advice from almost every chapter of my book over the next few weeks.

Upcoming topics include:

* So you think you're ready to get married?

* Have you picked the perfect mate?

* How do you pick a ring?

* Approval from her family and friends

* Help with proposal ideas

So if you have any friends and/or family members getting married, please share THIS link with them or make it even easier for them and buy the book and deliver it to them yourself.

Also, if you have already purchased my book (thank you!) and feel compelled to share it on your social platform of choice like Mr. Peter Lang did below, I would very much appreciate it.

Keep an eye out for those upcoming blogs and if you want to connect with me in the meantime, here are my details:

Twitter: @tylertyping


You'll be hearing from me a lot this week... get used to it... we got a wedding to plan!


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