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Am I Author of the Month Worthy?

The short answer is "YES!"

The ride continues!

I am TellWell Publishing's Author of the Month for July.

What a great way to end the week to get the news that this article is live.

This interview, appropriately titled, "Author Tyler Cameron not only survives his wedding but launches a new career" begins like so...

"Tellwell author Tyler Cameron’s new book is not only the completion of a life-long dream, it’s the launching pad of a book writing career.

For the last several years, he’s been blogging on various sports sites on top of his full-time advertising job. But Cameron says from a young age, he’s always known that one day he would write a book.

“I didn’t want to wait any longer to achieve this dream. The timing was right for me and I wanted to move this passion forward,” said the Greater Toronto Area based author."

Check out the entire article HERE.

I'd like to thank Monica Martinez and the TellWell family for choosing to cover my book and my story for this month.

If you haven't bought my book yet... you're a terrible person... I mean, errr... go buy it now. It's really easy now that this thing called Amazon exists. Here - I'll even give you the link:

Also, next week will be the launch of some amazing content to my dudes and dudettes that have signed up to my newsletter.

I will be releasing excerpts from my book (with behind the scenes comments), tips and teasing the launch of my secret book club.



The Wedding Dude

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