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I'm IndieReader APPROVED!

It's been a crazy ride launching my first book.

The adventure continues with some great news this week that my book, "A Dude's Guide to Surviving His Wedding" has received a 4.5 / 5 stars review from IndieReader.

On Monday morning, I heard from the Founder/President of IndieReader, Amy Edelman out of New York.

In case you're not familiar with Amy, IndieReader or how amazing this positive review is - I'll tell you.

Since IR’s launch in 2009, they have reviewed thousands of self-published titles. In those 8 years they have also seen most of the negativity directed to self-publishing disappear, to the point where indie books regularly make the major bestseller lists, win major literary awards and sell hundreds of thousands of copies. (source:

Now, after reading the above, you can see where my excitement is coming from. The verdict from Indie Reader reviewer, Katta Hules was:

"DUDE’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING HIS WEDDING is a funny, fast, and informative read that will make engaged bros everywhere rejoice."

The full review can be found HERE.

Along with this 4.5 / 5 rating comes an official "IndieReader Approved" stamp. BOOM!

This is a designation IR created to make it easier for readers and booksellers to identify quality indie titles.

Check it:

Super exciting stuff, eh?!

You know what else is exciting? My newsletter that you should be signed up to by now.

I have a series of free content and an invitation to my exclusive book club which will be rolling out soon.

Don't miss out and sign up now -> <-


Tyler "IndieReader Approved" Cameron

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